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  • Wendy Szuminski: After the Worst Day of My Life

  • Lisa Miller: My Walk with Mary

  • Carleigh Flaharty: Embracing Immaturity

  • Mike Casedy: On The Road

  • Jim Skochelak: I'm A Reprobate

  • Hannah Bondy: Carried by Christ

  • Thad Becker: Freed from Chains

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  • God At Work

    • April 26
      - Katherine Quintana
      Multiplication of the Gift Cards
      During the Christmas season, my office, a pregnancy resource center, was blessed to be a recipient of several Advent Giving Trees. One church gave us many Target gift cards, which I planned to use to purchase clothes and diapers/wipes for our clients. I went to Target, counted out my cards, and made my purchases. My cart was overflowing...[Click the title to read what happened next.]
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    • March 28
      - Lynn Laidlaw
      When Everything Was Out of Our Control
      It was Tuesday, June 2, 2015 at our home in Detroit, Michigan where it all began. As we had done every Tuesday for a very long time, I had prepared dinner to take to our daughter and her family in Ann Arbor. Jim was helping me carry the meal out to the car; he placed the food in the trunk of the car, backed up and tripped on a crack in the driveway, and fell. He looked up at me and said, “I can't move.” [Click the title to read what happened next.]
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