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    • December 1
      - Fra. John of Our Lady of Sorrows
      Finding Peace in Poverty, Chastity, & Obedience
      Alec Clark, a young man from our community, recently made his first vows, officially becoming a Franciscan Friar of the Immaculate. [Click to read an excerpt from his recent letter]
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    • November 10
      - Deb Hemenway
      My Life Flashed Before My Eyes
      During college, when I had grown lukewarm in my faith, God allowed trials in my life that continually serve as reminders to stay close to Him. One such event occurred while commuting to school in the late 70’s.  On a sunny morning following a Nor’easter, I hit a patch of ice and lost control of my vehicle. The car sped up while bouncing back and forth against the snowbanks on both sides of the road. [Click to read the full story.]
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    • October 14
      - George Dikeman
      I Put Myself In God's Hands
      Years ago, I had a nun tell me that if you don’t use your faith, you will lose it. It is a gift from God. I was given this gift as a child, and I bought the whole package. The Good Lord has saved my life more than once. When I was 10 years old, my parents had a summer cottage on Sugar Loaf Lake. One day, a friend and I rowed a boat across the lake, exploring a marshy area. [Click to read the full story]
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    • September 21
      - Paul Backlas
      Crushed By A Car
      In early April 2020, I learned an important lesson about the power of prayer. I was seriously injured in a freakish auto accident. I was alone in my garage, with the car in reverse, not park; I got out and the open door knocked me down to the floor. The moving car ripped the door partly off its upper hinge and trapped me with the damaged car door laying across my chest. As I lay there, I remember saying, “Please God, I don’t want to die like this.”
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    • September 9
      - Rosemary Niedziela
      The Trundle Bed
      I was struggling to raise five children and constantly worrying about money when God told me, “Give Patty $100.” [Click to read the full story]
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